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Nietzsche’s childhood and upbringing, death of his father, music

as an influence, early professorship in Basel, illness, nomadic life, Schopenhauer’s impact, Will to Power, multi-perspective view, influence on modernity and post-modernity, hostility towards Christianity, Death of God, Zarathustra, life in Sils Maria, fear of blindness, early user of a typewriter, Eternal Recurrence of the Same, Silvaplana stone, breakdown in Turin and mental illness, scribbled papers kept in a Swiss bank safe as Nietzsche's so-called testament.


Prof. Dr. Peter André Bloch

(Mulhouse) Board member Nietzsche-Haus Sils Maria   

PD Dr. Peter Villwock

(Sils Maria/Berlin) Custodian Nietzsche-Haus Sils Maria     

Dr. Klaus Itta

(Freiburg im Breisgau/Basel)

Dr. Hannah Große Wiesmann


Dr. Timon Boehm

(Zürich) Philosophy ETH Zürich

An introduction into Nietzsche's life

and thinking with particular regard

to his productive years in Sils Maria.


HDV, 45 min.

(Germany / Switzerland 2018) 

with English or French subtitles

Available for universities

with Public Perfomance Rights

and Digital Site License


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