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Still the Spy of God - Soeren Kierkegaard in the 21st Century“ is an essayistic documentary depicting three women who apply Kierkegaard’s way of thinking to the questions of our time. The Danish thinker once called himself a “Spy of God“ and remains highly relevant even in our secular societies.


Jasna Koteska, professor of Philosophy and Gender Studies at the University of Skopje focuses on Kierkegaards’s insisting on the path of the single individual in the age of mass culture.

Evrim Emir-Sayers, faculty member at the Paris Institute For Critical Thinking stresses the responsibility that each of us has to confront the urgent problems that we are facing on a global scale.

Sabine Mehne, author of autobiographical books had in connection with a severe cancer illness a near-death experience in which she gained astonishing insights that relate to Kierkegaard's thinking.


Filmed in Skopje, Paris and Darmstadt this film invites the audience to reflect on some fundamental questions of our existence. 

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